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This section will cover how to set up the demo scene. Please review the prerequisites that follow.

Studio Requirements

To integrate Workspaces, Characters and Scenes into your Unity project, you will need to identify their alphanumeric MR Codes.

  1. Identify your workspace MR Code, e.g., workspaces/my-new-workspace
  2. Ensure that your characters have been added to at least one scene
  3. Identify the MR Code for your scene, e.g., workspaces/my-new-workspace/scenes/my-new-scene
  4. Identify the MR Codes for the characters that you want to integrate into your project
  5. Generate an API Key and Secret from the Integrations Tab at API Keys > + Generate New Key

MR Codes

You can find each required MR Code in the Studio UI:

Workspace MR Code

Workspace MR Id

Scene MR Code

Scene MR Id

Character MR Code

Character MR Id

If you have not yet created your Workspace, Character and Scene, please check out our Studio Basics Tutorial Series.