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Build intelligent, virtual characters.

Our documentation is designed to help you learn the basic techniques for navigating the Inworld Studio and Companion App.

Bring your characters to life

Virtual characters can be used to support a variety of use-cases, including:

  • Onboarding guides and native inhabitants of the Metaverse
  • NPCs for games (companions, shopkeepers, quest givers, etc.)
  • Characters for immersive training
  • Brand representatives, subject matter experts, specialists
  • Characters for inspiration towards new short stories

  Inworld AI Use-Cases  

Set-up instructions

  1. Sign into the Inworld AI Studio with the Google Account that you used to register for the Beta.

  2. Review our Terms and Conditions agreement. We have also shared a variety of Safety Policies that studio users are expected to adhere to. Failure to comply with these policies may result in the deletion of your characters and/or account suspension.

Authenticating Stage

Getting started with the Studio

Workspace management

⚠️ Limit: You may add up to 30 characters in your workspace

Once you sign-in to the Inworld Studio, you will be directed to our default workspace, the Inworld Sandbox, and the characters within it. You are welcome to create your characters directly in this workspace, or you can create a new workspace by clicking the + Create New Workspace button.

Default Workspace

Workspaces contain tools for organizing characters and managing their creation. To get started, you will need to enter a Display Name. This is the primary name for your workspace, e.g., Wonderland.

You can come back to the workspace page to,

  • View your existing workspaces and their descriptions
  • Create and delete new or existing workspaces
  • Open and edit a specific workspace to make changes

Creating a New Workspace

Tutorial Basics

Inside of your workspace, you can create a character, build a scene, and establish common knowledge for your world. To learn more about what each of these features provides, take a hands-on tour of the studio with our Studio Basics Tutorial Series. We will walk you through the process of creating Zeus, the god of thunder on Mount Olympus.