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Inworld allows users to create lifelike characters that can be used in a variety of use cases, including video games, branded experiences, entertainment, and training. Whether you want to build open-world NPCs, virtual ambassadors, or an immersive educational experience, Inworld’s no-code technology makes it incredibly easy to design characters in a matter of minutes.

As the AI space continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Inworld is constantly updating its features to optimize character creation and stay on the cutting edge of generative AI.

While this tutorial serves as an excellent starting point, Inworld encourages you to experiment and explore within the platform. By doing so, you’ll fully realize the potential of Inworld's AI technology and add interactive characters that are capable of deeply immersive interactions to your experience.

  Inworld AI Use-Cases  


To start creating, sign in to Inworld AI with your Google, Microsoft, or email account details.

Please review the Privacy Policy and Safety Policies that platform users are expected to follow. Failure to comply with these policies may result in the deletion of your characters and/or account suspension.

Authenticating Stage

Getting started with the Studio

Workspace management

After signing in, your default workspace will open. Workspaces are where you create new characters or select from existing ones. The default workspace features a handful of our most popular characters.

Inworld encourages new users to take advantage of these predesigned characters. Experiment and learn from their form fields and chat interactions. This will help you gain a better understanding of the platform's capabilities and inspire you to create even more advanced characters. You can also use our Characters of the Week blog posts as inspiration.

On the left menu, click the name of Workspace to view all available workspaces. From there, you can create new workspaces, import or export workspaces, and also update sharing options. Click on the Edit Workspace pencil UI icon and from this interface you can edit the Display Name of the workspace, delete the workspace and add other teammate's email addresses to give them access to this particular workspace. Note: All billing for this workspace will be charged to the original owner of the workspace.

⚠️ We recommend that users should create their own Inworld AI accounts before being added to a shared workspace.

Default Workspace

Creating a New Workspace

Tutorial Basics

Inside of your workspace, you can create a character, build a scene, and establish common knowledge for your world. To learn more about what each of these features provides, take a hands-on tour of the studio with our Studio Tutorial Series.