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Avatars and Sharing


An avatar is an image that will visually represent your character. In the top left corner of your character’s profile is a thumbnail image. Click on that to either upload a 2D image or use our Ready Player Me (RPM) integration for a 3D avatar.

Keep in mind, while we currently use RPM avatars on our platform, Inworld is avatar agnostic. Our Unity and Unreal SDKs are powerful cross-platform virtual character integration plugins that let you easily drag and drop characters into your scenes and communicate with them. Please check our separate SDK Integration section of the tutorial for more.

2D Avatar 3D Avatar

TIP: Be sure to sign in to your Ready Player Me account before designing your character's avatar. That way, the avatar will be saved in your inventory for future reference. If you don’t sign in, you’ll have to design the avatar from scratch every time you need to make an update.


In addition to profile chats and engine integrations, you can also share characters in the Inworld Arcade for others to test and enjoy. To do that, click on the Share Settings button here and add a character byline and conversation prompt. This is intended to help people understand the best way to interact with the character. Click “Save Sharing Settings” once you’re done.

2D Avatar

Once you’ve shared your character, click “View on web” in the top-right options to access and interact. This is your own page in the Inworld Arcade and you can share the link with others.

TIP: Check off the “Allow character to be featured” box for the opportunity to be included on Inworld Arcade and have your character discovered by new fans!