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A character's Avatar is the 2D image or 3D model that represents them within either their profile or the game world.

Organizing Characters in Unity & Unreal

An Avatar also acts as a unique visual tile associated with the character, allowing you easily drag and drop characters into your scenes and communicate with them when working within Unity and Unreal Engine.

Changing a Character's Avatar

To change the Avatar of a character, click their Portrait in the top-left corner of their profile.

Select Avatar

This opens an interface where you can set both the character's 3D Avatar and their Avatar Image.

Avatar Image

A character's Avatar Image represents them within Inworld Studio and the text chat interface, as well as act as a tile that can be moved in a variety of ways.

To set an Avatar Image for the character, drag and drop an image into the indicated field and press Save.

Avatar Image

The new image is now displayed for your character within the Inworld Studio interface.

New Image

3D Avatar

A character's 3D Avatar represents them whenever they are placed within a 3D space, such as Unreal Engine or Unity.

To set a 3D Avatar for the character, select a Skin and a Background from the options provided, then press Save.

3D Avatar

The 3D Avatar options here are the default offered for Inworld's signature Innequin avatar.

Ready Player Me Avatar

If you wish to create a more customized 3D avatar, you can flip the Use Ready Player Me Avatar Instead toggle.

Once on this interface, press the Configure 3D Avatar button.


This takes you to the Ready Player Me interface to make a custom 3D model for your character.


Note that Ready Player Me is a 3rd party functionality and is not offered directly by Inworld. Therefore, functionality of these custom avatars cannot be guaranteed indefinitely into the future.


In addition to chats and game engine integrations, you can also share any character you create in the Inworld Arcade for others to test, use, and interact with.


Sharing a Character

To share a character, click on the Share button in the right side of their profile.


You are then prompted to select a Username. This is the name that is associated with any characters you share.

Enter your name and press Save.

Profile Name

The toggle Set Visibility to Private prevents your name from being shown alongside your characters, making you anonymous.

In the next interface, define your sharing settings for the character and press Save.

  • Private prevents the character from being shared. This is the default setting for all characters until changed.
  • Unlisted un-lists the character from any online database, but makes it possible to share them with a link.
  • Public lists the character on Inworld Arcane, allowing anyone to view and interact with them.

Share Options

If you choose the Unlisted or Public options, you will be prompted to add a Subtitle, Categories, and Conversation Starters.

Share Details

  • Subtitle appears below the character to give more context to who they are.
  • Categories offer broad search categories that help others search for your character.
  • Conversation Starters contains general conversational advice and context that others might use to get the best interactions out of the character.

Once you have entered these settings, press Save to finalize the changes.