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Facts and Knowledge

Facts and Knowledge help to provide predefined answers to user's questions. Personal knowledge is anything the character knows personally whereas common knowledge is where you can add broader information about a time period or a game world that multiple characters will share.

Personal Knowledge

For personal knowledge, you’ll add information that is relevant to that character, and perhaps only they will know. This includes information about their:

  • Backstory
  • Relationships
  • Specialty
  • Personal opinions
  • What they’re wearing
  • Favorite sayings
  • Things they hate or love
  • Any facts that you would expect the character to reference if questioned

These facts will not influence the character constantly (you should put things you want to have that effect in the Core Description).

Use this feature to establish a well-developed backstory that gives the player a sense of your character's history.

Personal Knowledge

TIP: Characters will often draw from facts for their talking points. With this in mind, consider writing a portion of the facts in the voice of the character. Almost like they’re talking in third-person. When they draw from the facts, it will already be in their tone of voice.

TIP: Similar to the third-person suggestion, how would the character describe their closest relationships, cherished items, or most hated foes? Is it their “mother” or their “beloved mum”? Is it their “axe”, or their “indestructible battle axe”?

⚠️ Limit: You may enter up to 150 characters per fact and up to 1000 facts

Common Knowledge

See Common Knowledge section for more details