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Avatar Voices

Our voice feature allows you to control speech for your character. To change it, navigate to the Voice bar at the character editor. Below, we outline several parameters that you can control.



You can control the main frequency for each voice by using the Pitch Slider. Lower values will lead to lower voices, while higher values will lead to higher pitched voices.

Talking Speed

This parameter provides you with the ability to change speech speed. For example, setting Talking Speed to a value of 1.5 will make the talking speed 50% faster.


You can choose a baseline voice from the following options,

⚠️ The emotion feature for voice is only supported by 'Sam' and 'Bea'.

Vanessa WilliamsFemaleNorthern Irish
Daniel GibsonMaleBritish
Katrina BunkerFemaleBritish
Kaye GarciaFemaleBritish
Lori JonesFemaleIrish
Jessica WhaleyFemaleBritish
James WashingtonMaleNorth American
Philip CoulterMaleBritish
Charles WeathersMaleIrish
Brett SmithMaleNorth American
Gene BechtelMaleNorth American
Heather MorrisFemaleNorth American
Cliff WeberMaleBritish
Robert RodriguezMaleCanadian
Clayton NietoMaleBritish
Meghan SartinFemaleBritish
Albert NyMaleNorth American
Ashley TriplettFemaleBritish
Patrice VuFemaleIndian
Charity MccloudFemaleBritish
Jacob DavisMaleCanadian
Joseph BishopMaleIndian
Robert TuckerMaleNorthern Irish
Susan PetersFemaleNorth American
Laurie OsborneFemaleIrish
Anthony MyersMaleScottish
Virginia DelungFemaleScottish
Carla GrecoFemaleNorthern Irish
Carol HazlettFemaleNorth American
Donna DrakeFemaleScottish
Elinore MullFemaleScottish
Amber CarswellFemaleIrish
Cody PatnodeMaleScottish
Cynthia JonesFemaleSouth African
Catherine CunninghamFemaleScottish
Deborah FannoFemaleNorthern Irish
Arturo CurtisMaleScottish
Earl AcostaMaleBritish
Wilbert TravisMaleScottish
Christopher RobertsonMaleBritish
April WillisFemaleNorth American
Bertha ScaffidiFemaleCanadian
Gary ReynoldsMaleSouth African
Malik WinstonMaleAustralian
Maria MillerFemaleWelsh
Michael BurneyMaleScottish
Clyde DeckerMaleBritish
John NortonMaleBritish
Clelia KaplanFemaleNorth American
Vanesa BacoteFemaleNorth American
James KellarMaleIndian
Manuel BraggMaleBritish
Christopher IrelandMaleBritish
Michael RiversMaleScottish
Ruby SebaldFemaleIrish
Haley RayFemaleNorth American
Tiffany JamesFemaleNorth American
Ma MichelleFemaleBritish
Carolyn StoweFemaleNorthern Irish
Randy StewartMaleBritish
Lee KyleFemaleNorth American
Jorge MetcalfMaleScottish
Mary LambertFemaleBritish
Mary JacquierFemaleNorth American
Earline CoppinFemaleBritish
Donald MooreMaleScottish
Estela PoehlmanFemaleNorth American
Maria HolleyFemaleBritish
John ChabotMaleScottish
Alison AdamsFemaleSouth African
Emily SternFemaleBritish
Virginia BartkowiakFemaleBritish
Lori HamiltonFemaleCanadian
Jonathan NolteMaleAustralian
Richard HopkinsMaleScottish
Corrinne FairleyFemaleNorth American
Scott LovellMaleCanadian
Michael CruzMaleIrish
Julie VelascoFemaleScottish
Cynthia FisherFemaleBritish
Elizabeth BeckwithFemaleNorth American
Joseph AresMaleBritish
Shana JacksonFemaleBritish
Melissa VillarealFemaleNorth American
Deborah GonzalezFemaleBritish
Darleen SandsFemaleNew Zealand
Lillian HickokFemaleSouth African
Reginald ColemanMaleBritish
Susan PaceFemaleNorth American
Lori AlfordFemaleCanadian
Bobbie SpaldingFemaleBritish
Kieth LewisMaleScottish
Kathy BensonFemaleCanadian
Charity DanielsFemaleIrish
Michelle HebertFemaleNorth American
Lori KelleyFemaleCanadian
Thomas KirtlandMaleScottish
Jacqueline SparanoFemaleNorth American
Anita MillerFemaleBritish
Winford CornsMaleBritish
Beau TolinMaleBritish
Dina RiveraFemaleIrish
Walter WallaceMaleNorthern Irish
Kathy MooreFemaleNorth American
Kevin LivezeyMaleIrish
Christopher RedfordMaleScottish
Andrew KnoxMaleScottish
Kiara RaefFemaleBritish
David EglestonMaleNorth American
Alicia MckeonFemaleNorth American
Jason SimpsonMaleNorth American
Rhonda BowersFemaleNorth American
SamMaleNorth American
BeaFemaleNorth American