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Change your user name.

After connecting, the Inworld AI Unity SDK will fetch your Unity UserName (most likely the first part of your email address) as the default name used in the SDK.

You can change this name in the following ways:

In Editor

  1. Right click on Project Panel > Inworld Settings > User Settings. UsrName1

  2. Change at Edit > Project Settings > Inworld.AI.


  1. At top menu, click on Inworld > Change User NameUsrName3

⚠️ Note: Inworld Setting Panel (ScriptableObject of InworldAI) and Change User Panel (ScriptableObject of InworldUserSettings) are displayed in Inspector, and may sometimes be covered by other panel. You can manually click Inspector to bring the panel to the foreground.

In Runtime

You can set the public string property InworldAI.User.Name.

⚠️ Note: You can only change this property before InworldController starting LoadScene().