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Inworld Character Data

InworldCharacterData contains the the data for an InworldCharacter. It can be created locally, but it is mostly loaded and updated from the server. Note that,

  1. The Inworld Studio Server can update everything except the ID
  2. The Inworld Run-Time Server can update the ID

⚠️ Note: The file containing InworldCharacterData is stored locally via CharacterName. The CharacterName field is not unique when retrieving data from the server. Please ensure that the CharacterName is set uniquely to prevent any possible data collisions.


Public Variables

Public VariableDescription
Character NameThe display name
BrainThe MR Code
ThumbnailThe sprite, which, by default, is generated by Preview Image URI
AvatarThe .glb model
WorkspaceThe Inworld Workspace that a character is in
Current SceneThe current InworldScene that a character is in. This data will be refreshed at run-time
Owner ShipThe enum to distinguish detailed characters from characters that are fetched from the server
TriggersThe list of triggers that you set in the studio
ScenesThe list of scenes that the InworldCharacter is in
Model UriThe URI of the .glb model from the Ready Player Me avatar
PosUriThe URI of the pose picture
Preview Image UriThe URI of the thumbnail


LocalThumbnailFileNamestringGets the character's local thumbnail file name
LocalAvatarFileNamestringGets the character's local avatar file name
ThumbnailTexture2DGets the character's thumbnail. If it contains data, then that data is returned directly. If it contains previewImgUri, then that is downloaded and loaded. Otherwise, this will return the default thumbnail
AvatargameObjectGets the character's avatar in .glb format. If it has data, then that data is returned directly. If it contains ModelUri, then that is downloaded and loaded it. Otherwise, this will return the default avatar
ProgressfloatReturns the data fetching progress for the character.


FunctionReturn TypeDescriptionParameters
CopyFromvoidCopies the data from another InworldCharacter with the same characterName.rhs: The reference for which InworldCharacterData to copy