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Inworld Scene Data

InworldSceneData is the scriptableObject for an InworldScene. While you can create it locally, it is intended to be downloaded from the server. An InworldScene is stored in the InworldController, and it contains characters. For each Unity Scene, you should prepare an InworldController containing an InworldScene.


Inspector Variables

Full NameThe MR Code for the InworldScene
Short NameThe short name for the InworldScene. This is also the file name that is saved locally at Assets/Inworld.AI/Resources/
DescriptionThe InworldScene description
CharactersA list of InworldCharacterData
TriggersA list of triggers for the scene


ShortNameGets the short name for the InworldScene. Please note that ShortName is also used as the stored file name in your resources. It is not uniquely retrievable from the server. Please ensure that your data of ShortName is unique to prevent data collision.


FunctionReturn TypeDescriptionParameters
CopyFromvoidCopies the data from another InworldScene with the same fullName.rhs: The reference for the InworldSceneData to copy