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Animation Showcase

This showcase focuses on Character Animation.


This showcase contains three sample animation blueprints for each skeleton found in the gallery: ABP_Mannequin, ABP_Metahuman, and ABP_Robot.

Each of these animation blueprints keep track of the InworldCharacterComponent's EmotionalBehavior in order to transition to different idle animations.

Idle States


The characters will play animation montages to make the character gesture on top of what they are saying. This is due to the BP_InworldCharacterAnimationPlayback that will react to character utterances. This InworldCharacterAnimationPlayback will utilize helper functions from the InworldCharacterAnimationsLibrary.

Gesture Functions

These functions utilize tables that contain animation montages that will be selected by the functions based on the emotion and length of the utterance.

Gesture Tables Gesture Table

Three characters are used to show gesturing within the showcase:

  • AnimCharacterChaining will chain gestures together, blending in the next gesture once the first starts to blend out.
    • This uses the default BP_MetahumanAnimationPlayback.
  • AnimCharacterPausing will pause a configurable amount between each gesture.
    • This uses the MetahumanAnimationPlayback_PauseBetween.
  • AnimCharacterMixMatch will randomly either chain gestures or pause between them.
    • This uses the MetahumanAnimationPlayback_RandomPauseBetween.

Emotion State

The AnimCharacterEmotion shows off the emotion states in a more exaggerated fashion. This character uses a child animation blueprint ABP_Metahuman_Intimidate that allows the character to stand up and approach the player when they are angry.

Emotional State

Emotion Strength

The AnimCharacterStrength shows the use of emotional strength for the character's body language.

Animation Strength

The animation montages that the character plays will be determined by the strength of the associated emotion.

Strength Table