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Integration Showcase

This showcase focuses on integration.

⚠️ Note: You will need to log into the Studio to utilize this showcase. It will not work out of the box, as it is an example on how to integrate your own custom Inworld characters into Unreal Engine.


To integrate an Inworld character from the studio, first navigate to the desired workspace, and go to Integrations.

Studio Integration

Click Generate studio access token, and copy the resulting token.

Generate Token

Open the Inworld Studio Widget by going to Tools > Editor Utility Widgets > Inworld Studio Widget


Paste this token into the Inworld Studio Widget.


Navigate to your desired map; for this example MAP_Integration_P will be used. Click on Assign to current map, and an InworldSessionController will be generated.

Scene Controller

The character is powered by the InworldCharacterComponent that is on the actor. Once the brain is configured, the character will come to life.

Brain Character