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Getting Started

Our SDK package consists of three Unreal Engine plugins

  • InworldAI - core integration package
  • OVRLipSync - helps us generating data for characters Lips Sync from wav data
  • glTFRuntime - helps us create character assets from glb data on the fly

Install to Project

To add the plugins to your Unreal project, close the project if it's running, then navigate to the Plugins folder in your current project directory. Next, extract the InworldAI folder from the downloaded zip file, and add it to the Plugins folder. Unreal projects are created without the Plugins folder by default. If you have not previously added a plugin to your project, you will need to create this folder now. The project with the new plugins will be built on the first run, or you can generate Visual Studio files and build it yourself. Find more information on Unreal Engine Plugins here.

Setup a Scene

After you've set up your workspace on Inworld Studio website you're ready to set up an Unreal Engine level powered by Inworld AI with just a few steps.

First Person Template

You will need a Level and a Player Pawn to comunicate with crated characters. We recommend using First Person Feature Pack. Import package by clicking Add -> Add Feature or Content Pack -> First Person -> Add to Project. You can use other teplates or your own Player Pawn as well.



  1. Open Inworld Studio Widget by clicking Tools -> Editor Utility Widgets -> InworldStudioWidget
  2. Click Copy Token button to get to Studio Access Token
  3. Paste Studio Access Token to the text field
  4. Click Login


Select Scene

Select Workspace, Scene and Api Key you want to assign to an Unreal Engine level. You will see all created characters in this Scene in the list.


Create Dialog Map

If you want to communicate with a character through a simple 2D widget click Create Dialog Map button and hit Play. You can communicate to the character by sending text messages or by talking using mic.


Create Assets

If you want to talk to a 3D character create assets by clicking Create Blueprint button. Save assets after creation by clicking on them and pressing Ctrl-S.

⚠️ Note: Creating assets for a character takes long due to unstable standard http requests in Unreal Engine. If you get an error on this stage please try to relogin and retry creating assets.


Setup Level

There are only 3 steps for setting up a level

  1. Click Assign to Current Map button. It'll add InworldSessionController responsible for starting Inworld Session
  2. Drag and drop created characters to the level
  3. Find Default Pawn Class in World Settings window, click Browse to Asset. Then rightclick to the blueprint and hit Setup as Inworld Player

After this step just hit Play come up to a character you want to talk to and speak using your mic.