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Scene Setup

Quick Setup

The Inworld Studio Widget provides a quick way to associate a level with an Inworld Scene.

With the desired level opened in the Unreal Editor, and desired scene selected in the Inworld Studio Widget, simply click Assign to Current Map. A BP_InworldSessionController Actor will be placed in the level.

Scene Assign to Map

Upon pressing play, you should see some logging on-screen indicating that there has been a connection attempt, and that a successful connection has been made.

Scene Connected

The BP_InworldSessionController is fairly straightforward. It listens for a connection state change from the InworldApiSubsystem to print the state changes. Then, it calls StartSession with the preconfigured options generated by the Inworld Studio Widget's Assign to Current Map button. You can use Token and Session Id node arguments to pass pregenerated values. If these arguments are empty Token and Session Id will be generated by our server.

Session Controller BP

Custom Setup

If you require more control on how your Inworld sessions are started, stopped, paused, or resumed, you can create your own custom setup for doing so.

See Inworld Api Subsystem.