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Inworld Metahuman Plugin

The source code for the InworldAI Metahuman Plugin consists of one module:

  • InworldMetahumanEditor - adds editor utility to add Inworld functionality to Unreal Engine Metahumans.

Dependencies: InworldAI


Follow this guide to add an Unreal Engine Metahuman to your project.

This process will add a MetaHumans folder to your project, this folder contains assets that the Inworld Metahuman plugin assets depend on. You may need to restart the editor after enabling the suggested settings from the prompts.

Setup Inworld Metahuman

To add InworldAI functionality to the generated Metahuman Blueprint, simply right-click the blueprint asset and select Inworld Actions > Setup Inworld Metahuman.


Simply edit the resulting InworldCharacterComponent on the Blueprint to set the character's brain.


Project Settings

If you wish to modify any of the base Metahuman assets, or alter the default project settings for this module, simply go to Edit > Project Settings > Plugins > InworldAI - Metahuman.

Project Settings