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Inworld ReadyPlayerMe Plugin

The source code for the InworldAI ReadyPlayerMe Plugin consists of two modules:

  • InworldRPMEditor - adds editor utility to Inworld Studio Widget to import ReadyPlayerMe models from the Inworld Studio.
  • glTFRuntime - third party plugin that allows the creation of ReadyPlayerMe character assets from glm data.

Dependencies: InworldAI

Creating Assets

Login with the Inworld Studio Widget.

Select ReadyPlayerMe for the character that you wish to create. Create

After a short time, the character's assets will be created within your project at:


⚠️ Note: Creating assets for a character takes long due to unstable standard http requests in Unreal Engine. If you get an error on this stage please try to relogin and retry creating assets.


Project Settings

If you wish to modify any of the base ReadyPlayerMe assets, or alter the default project settings for this module, simply go to Edit > Project Settings > Plugins > InworldAI - RPM.

Project Settings