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Inworld Avatar

Downloading Inworld Avatar Plugin

Open the Inworld Studio Widget, and select Inworld Avatar.


Click Automatic to download the content to your project's Plugins folder. If you have issues while downloading automatically, click Manual to download and install the content manually.


Once downloaded, click Restart for changes to take effect.

Creating Inworld Avatar Assets

Login with the Inworld Studio Widget.

Select Create Inworld Avatar for the character that you wish to create. Create

After a short time, the character's assets will be created within your project at:



Simply add the resulting blueprint to a level that is configured to use a scene that contains your Inworld Avatar!


Licensing. Your use of Inworld Avatar is limited to Inworld Services and you agree to Inworld’s Terms of Service (currently available at: Subject to your compliance with Inworld’s Terms of Service, you are permitted to make modifications to Inworld Avatar’s visuals and animations