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Unity SDK


Full SDK

To stay up-to-date with our latest Long-Term Support version, please download our SDK in Unity Asset Store.

By using Unity's Package Manager, you can receive notifications for each version update. Additionally, Unity will send you an email notification when a new version becomes available.

Alternatively, you can visit our Unity SDK Github page to fetch the most recent release or build the latest package.

Core Package

Additionally, if you are primarily interested in leveraging the core functionalities of Inworld, you have the option to utilize our core package inworld-unity-core. This package is available in the form of a Package instead of a Unitypackage and is referenced by our full SDK.

The core package inworld-unity-core facilitates all direct interactions with the Inworld Server, such as the sending and receiving of text, audio, Triggers, etc.

However, it does not include any character models from ReadyPlayerMe or Inworld avatars.

If you only wish to import the core package, there's no need to download the entire unitypackage. Simply open Unity, navigate to Window > Package Manager, click the "+" button on the left side, and select Add Package from Git URL. Then, enter "" to proceed. Import

Quick Start

The Inworld AI Unity SDK is a powerful cross-platform virtual character integration plugin for Unity. With this plugin, you can easily add virtual characters to your Unity scene and communicate with them.

Before you get started, you can check out either the following 8-minute video tutorial:

Or you can watch this 48-second video to learn how to import the default character to your scene:

If you want to learn more about the Inworld AI Unity SDK, follow along the next few pages as we walk you through our compatibility requirements, assets, and API references.