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You can download our Unity Integration package here. Before getting started, we will walk you through our compatibility requirements, assets, and API references. TLDR, you can check the following video tutorial.

Unity Integration

The Inworld AI Unity SDK is a powerful cross-platform virtual character integration plugin for Unity. You can easily drag and drop virtual characters into your Unity scene and communicate with them.

For a more vivid experience, our plugin can be easily integrated with other features, such as,

  1. Realistic Eye Movements
  2. Oculus Lipsync

What's New

The difference between the Inworld AI Unity SDK 2.0 and the legacy version are outlined below.

Inworld AI Unity SDK legacyInworld AI Unity SDK 2.0
Minimum version2019.4.38f12021.3.2f1
Typing to communicateYesYes
Record Audio to communicateYesYes
Data inputManual (Copy and Paste)Automatic (Fetched from the server)
Local Cache DataNoYes
Local Cache ThumbnailNoYes
Local Cache AvatarNoYes
Animation SupportNoYes
Multiple Characters supportNoYes