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Studio Widget

Inworld Studio

The Inworld Studio Widget allows for quick integration with Inworld Studio.

For more information on how to get started with Inworld Studio, please check out the following guide here.

Here's a quick video on getting the Studio Widget set-up correctly with your Studio Access Key and workspace credentials, which is also Part 2 of our Unreal Getting Started Series.

Studio Login

With the InworldAI plugin installed to your project, navigate to Tools > Inworld Studio.

Open Studio Widget

A window will open prompting for a Studio Access Token. You can generate a studio access token by navigating to the Integrations tab in studio, and clicking Generate Studio Access Token.

Generate Studio Token

Copy and paste this token into the Inworld Studio Widget, and click Login.

Studio Widget Login

After logging in, the window will prompt for a Workspace, a Scene, and an Api Key. Once these fields are selected from the drop-down lists, characters associated with the selected scene will be populated.

Studio Widget Characters

To configure a default Studio Access Token for easy access, you may navigate to the InworldAI project settings from Edit > Project Settings > Plugins > InworldAI and pasting the Token in the Studio Access Token field.

⚠️ Note: This token should be kept private. If placed here, it will be stored as plaintext in your configuration .ini files. Be careful before sharing your project with others if the key is stored this way.

Studio Project Settings

Dialog Map Example

To quickly test out interacting with characters, click Create Dialog Map. This will open the DialogMap level, and automatically populate the configuration here to talk with your character as a 2D avatar. Simply press play and talk or text the character to interact with them.

Dialog Map