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Simple API

Get ready to supercharge your game projects🎉

Looking for Inworld's most powerful integrations?

Checkout our advanced SDK suite.

Inworld API is here to revolutionize the way you integrate our conversation engine into your codebase, whether you're testing or building a web or mobile-based game.

Ready to dive in? Check out our step-by-step tutorial to see our API in action!

You can also get started with our example code to see just how easy it is to enrich your game with amazing conversation engines ✨. If you're ready to explore everything our API has to offer, don't forget to reference our API documentation along the way 📚.


Simple Integration is recommended if:

  • You want a quick and easy way to get started.
  • Conversation history and persistence are not crucial for your application.


need fine-grained control over sessions?

Fully Managed Integration is recommended if:

  • You have specific requirements for session management and conversation history.
  • You want complete control over the session flow and need to maintain session history across multiple requests.
  • You need to send trigger events or goals to your character.

Note All session expire after 30 mins of inactivity. Conversation history will NOT persist to a new session. If you are looking for more advanced features such as Scenes, please refer to our other SDK's such as the Web and Node.JS