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Intro to Inworld Voice

What is Inworld Voice?

Inworld’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) API, also known as Inworld Voice, allows for the conversion of large amounts of written text into a natural speaking voice. This system is most often used as the voice of an educational instructor, personal assistant, or video game narrator, but can have a variety of related uses.


Benefits of TTS

Text-to-Speech technology enables you to convert written text into spoken words, which can create a more engaging and inclusive experience for users than strictly written text with no voiceover.

Traditionally, this role has been filled with voice actors speaking pre-recorded lines.

Inworld Voice makes it possible to leverage an AI voice to speak whatever lines are required.

This allows voice lines to become more agile, as new changes to any spoken lines are automatically reflected in the voiceover in real-time. The speaker can similarly be updated, switched with another, and otherwise modified with minimal effort, allowing for unprecedented flexibility when creating the exact speaker you want.

Use Cases for TTS

The Inworld Voice API is a standalone text to speech solution to leverage a variety of voice applicatons.

By integrating TTS into an app or game, you can enhance accessibility, improve the user experience, and ensure that everyone can enjoy your content with the power of spoken words.

TTS in Educational Apps

When employed in an educational app, TTS can read out lessons and explanations, helping learners of all abilities comprehend the content more effectively.

TTS in Games

When used in games, TTS can bring characters to life by providing spoken narration or giving NPCs an audible voice, contributing to a more engaging, immersive in-game experience.

TTS in Productivity Apps

Within a productivity app, TTS can assist your users by reading out important notifications, reminders, or emails, allowing them to multitask and stay informed while on the go.

Inworld Voices Resources

For an example of a voice API in use, see the voice options within Inworld Studio: Voices in Inworld Studio

Wide Variety of Voices

Inworld offers a variety of high-quality speaking voices to use with TTS narration, as well as offering 3rd party support for additional professionally-developed TTS voices.

For examples of these voices, see: Inworld Voice Samples

Setting Up TTS API

For instructions on how to set up Inworld’s text-to-speech API for your project, see: Inworld Voice Setup

Technical Reference

For an in-depth technical reference for Inworld’s TTS API, see: Inworld Voice Technical Reference