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Character Training

Chatting in Studio

Before sending them out into the world, we suggest chatting with your character to see if they’re what you expected. Are they the right combination of personality and knowledge? Or should you tweak something? Refining a character can take time to get it just right. But we think it’s definitely worth the effort!

Chat with characters directly in their profile by clicking “Chat” in the top right. This will open a pop-up window where you can type messages back and forth with your character. Alternatively, press the microphone icon for a live voice chat.

Explore the menu buttons to expose additional options for moving to a scene, triggering goals, and restarting or exporting the current conversation.

TIP: Have someone else test your character for a fresh perspective—especially someone within your target audience. Character designers will often know the best questions to get the best responses from their characters. But your players won’t! Will your character and its motivations make sense for someone with no context?

⚠️: Please use headphones for high-quality audio while using live voice chat. This will prevent an echo of what your character is replying to.


While chatting with the character, if you’re unsatisfied with their response, click the “Regenerate latest response” button beside their speech bubble. This will cause the character to generate a new response, giving you the opportunity to right any deviations in the dialogue.


Repeat this function until you’re presented with the response you envisioned. Click the left and right arrows beside the speech bubble to review the regenerated responses and choose the best one before continuing the conversation.



Give the character’s responses thumbs up or thumbs down to help direct future answers. This rating provides information about which response you prefer, which helps inform the character about optimal responses going forward.


Chat Logs

In the workspace’s left sidebar, select Interactions to access previous conversations for characters within that workspace. This is a way to see the interactions that your users have had with the characters. And in turn, inform opportunities for improvements to the character’s responses and align with the intended behaviors.

For safety purposes, we anonymize all users and only allow analytics access after a character has been shared a certain number of times. Interaction data is also only currently available to people who have Professional or Custom accounts.

TIP: For brands, chat logs can be great market research as it gives you an insider’s view of what players/customers are talking to your characters about. They can also help you refine your character if the interactions aren’t going the way you would like them to.