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Personality and Emotions

This section will help hone in on the character’s overall emotional arc and how they will react to different conversations and situations.

Personality Traits

Add a variety of adjectives that best describe your character’s state. These will help Inworld’s AI create the appropriate personality and responses. Check out the examples below for inspiration, but remember that the possibilities are limitless!

PositiveAccessible, Adaptable, Friendly, Kind, Methodical, Patient, Trusting
NegativeAbrasive, Careless, Compulsive, Cynical, Disobedient, Egocentric, Lazy
NeutralCasual, Obedient, Reserved, Predictable, Surprising, Ambitious

⚠️ Limit: You may enter up to 10 traits

Mood and Personality Sliders

Who doesn’t love sliders?! They decide what kinds of emotions your character will have in response to interactions. They also color what your character says – if you create an upbeat character, they’re typically going to respond with upbeat responses.

  • Fully fleshed-out characters will have a range of emotions and can switch between them. Don’t just use one emotion!
  • Mood is related to how your character feels, while personality is about how they relate to others.
  • Characters’ facial expressions, gestures, and vocal intonations are connected to their emotions. This is important to note if you’ll be using our avatar features or integrating your character with Unity, Unreal, etc.


TIP: For the emotional fluidity slider, a character with full dynamic range might end up changing from one emotion to another with every utterance – which works for certain characters! Turning emotional fluidity to zero will disconnect your character from Inworld’s emotional AI engine. The character will draw strictly from the traits and sliders settings that you have entered.

TIP: The insecure/confident slider’s setting needs to be handled delicately. If you make a character very confident, they might come off as arrogant or constantly argue with the users’ opinions and ideas. Of course, authoritative characters can sometimes be very appropriate.


Inworld characters can express a variety of 18 distinct emotions, each ingeniously embodying a unique human sentiment. These range from the warmth of joy and affection to the intensity of tension and contempt. To bring these emotions to life in the digital realm, we've assigned a specific emoji to each one. These emotional states are generated by our advanced engine that assesses character emotions based on player-character interactions.