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Narrated Actions

Narrated Actions enhances your character's presence by providing text descriptions of their appearance, surroundings, actions and more. This is generated based on the conversation, providing additional cues such as the character's appearance or surroundings.

When enabled, Narrated Actions generate alongside character dialogue to provide additional immersion. Spoken dialogue always lives outside of the Narrated Actions, in the character’s dialogue.

Once you’ve enabled Narrated Actions, you will see highlighted text adding context and scenario descriptions alongside the character’s spoken text.

Studio Configuration

By default, Narrated Actions in Studio is on. To disable narrated actions, uncheck the checked purple box in the top right of your character’s page. Narrated Actions are configured per character, not per workspace.

Studio Chat Example

Narrated actions appears before a character’s chat, in highlighted text:

Studio Chat Example

Integrations Support

Narrated Actions is supported in Unity SDK v2+, Node.js and Web Core SDK, however it is not supported in all other Inworld integrations.

In Unity, Narrated Actions is enabled by default and can be disabled or re-enabled per session of a chat.

Unity Chat Example:

Unity Chat Example

In the Node.js SDK and Web Core SDK, Narrated Actions are enabled by the narratedActions capability. You can both send and receive Narrated Actions using this feature. Visit the SDKs API pages for more details.