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Scenes and Environment

Scenes provide context by describing the immediate surroundings of your character.

⚠️ If you are integrating characters in Unity, setting scenes is mandatory.

Example of a Scene in the Studio

Creating scenes

⚠️ Word Count: 500 characters

To create a Scene, navigate to Scenes via the sidebar and select + Create New Scene.

Create a Scene

  1. You will be prompted to enter a Scene Name, e.g., Olympus Theatre.

  2. Under Scene Description, you can write the description of the environment that your characters are in. Examples of what to add here are time of day, objects in the surrounding area, etc.

Scene Description

  1. Once you have written your Scene Description, be sure to add any existing characters to the Scene by selecting the + icon and picking your character from the dropdown list. You can also add a character through the Character editing page.

Scene Triggers

Scene triggers can be used to add immediate context to a change that may occur in a Scene. A Scene trigger is a custom system event that you can invoke in your application. To create a Scene trigger, select the + Create New Scene Trigger button. Enter an alphanumeric string for the Name field, e.g., olympus-earthquake, and write a short description in the Description field.

Scene Trigger Description