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Inworld’s platform has a variety of male, female, and non-gendered voices to choose from. You can easily cycle through them all by using the “Listen” and “Previous/Next” buttons. Additional details about the available voices can be found here.

Once you’ve determined the voice that best fits your character, you can then adjust the pitch and talking speed. Pitch controls the tone of your character’s voice. Lower values will lead to deeper voices, while higher values will lead to higher-pitched voices. Talking speed provides the option to change the rate of a character’s speaking voice. Lower values will make the voice slower, while higher values will make the character speak faster.


In addition to Inworld's existing voice options, our partnership with ElevenLabs allow you to integrate their custom voice options into your characters and projects. Set up your ElevenLabs account, add voices to your Voice Library, and then copy your account's API key. Return to your Inworld workspace, select the Integrations section, and paste in the ElevenLabs API key. When you return to your character's voice section and scroll through the list of voice options, the voices from your ElevenLabs Voice Library will now be included.

TIP: Generally, a voice’s quality will become less satisfactory the more you alter the pitch and speed. Of course, this can also be used to your advantage for certain characters, such as a robot or an otherworldly being.

⚠️ Limit: If none of our voices is the right fit for your character, please contact us to discuss working with voice actors and third-party integrations.

⚠️ Cloning: ElevenLabs voices are not transferable when cloning workspaces. You will need to re-configure voices with your own API key.

Voice Options

You can choose a baseline voice from a variety of options:

Alicia MckeonFemaleNorth American
Alison AdamsFemaleSouth African
Anthony MyersMaleScottish
April WillisFemaleNorth American
Arthur SandersMaleNorth American
Ashley TriplettFemaleBritish
Beau TolinMaleBritish
Bertha ScaffidiFemaleCanadian
Bobbie SpaldingFemaleBritish
Brett SmithMaleNorth American
Carol HazlettFemaleNorth American
Carolyn StoweFemaleBritish
Charity MccloudFemaleBritish
Christopher RobertsonMaleScottish
Cynthia JonesFemaleSouth African
Daniel GibsonMaleBritish
David EglestonMaleNorth American
Deborah FannoFemaleIrish
Dina RiveraFemaleIrish
Donna DrakeFemaleScottish
Earl AcostaMaleBritish
Elinore MullFemaleScottish
Gene BechtelMaleNorth American
Grandad JohnMaleNorth American
Gruff GriffinMaleNorth American
Haley RayFemaleNorth American
Heather MorrisFemaleNorth American
Jacqueline SparanoFemaleNorth American
Jason SimpsonMaleNorth American
John NortonMaleBritish
Jonathan NolteMaleAustralian
Jorge MetcalfMaleScottish
Joseph BishopMaleIndian
Julie VelascoFemaleScottish
Kathy MooreFemaleNorth American
Kieth LewisMaleScottish
Lori KelleyFemaleCanadian
Ma MichelleFemaleBritish
Malik WinstonMaleAustralian
Melissa VillarealFemaleNorth American
Michael CruzMaleIrish
Patricia VuFemaleIndian
Philip CoulterMaleBritish
Reginald ColemanMaleBritish
Rhonda BowersFemaleNorth American
Robert RodriguezMaleNorth American
SamMaleNorth American
Scott LovellMaleCanadian
Susan PaceFemaleNorth American
Vanessa WilliamsFemaleIrish
Winford CornsMaleBritish