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Long-Term Memory

The Long-term Memory feature allows a character to establish a memory of all notable information accumulated across interactions with a player throughout multiple sessions over time. After memories are collected and synthesized, the character can choose to mention a relevant memory if a conversation naturally touches upon the topic.

This feature consists of two primary components:

  • Flash Memory: Flash Memory refers to the immediate, fact-based information derived from conversational exchanges, such as the following specific details:
    • "Adam goes to eat at Pasta & Pizza every week."
    • "Adam likes to eat sushi."
  • Long-term Memory: Long-term Memory refers to topic-based summaries that are synthesized from Flash Memories.
    It compiles and summarizes information over time, leading to conclusions from the Flash Memories above such as:
    • "Adam likes Italian and Japanese food."
    • "Adam is especially fond of the Restaurant Pasta & Pizza."

For example, if in a conversation, Adam mentions several times that he enjoys sushi and eats at Pasta & Pizza every week, the Flash Memory would record each of these specific instances. Over time, these individual records contribute to the Long-term Memory, which synthesizes this information into summaries such as "Adam likes Italian and Japanese food."

The synthesized memory allows the character to recall and reference pertinent information during relevant topical discussions in ongoing conversations.

To enable Long-term Memory, go to Studio » Characters » Edit » Advanced » Long-Term Memory and enable the toggle.

Long-Term Memory


  • For studio users, memory retention is consistent throughout the chat session, provided the refresh button within the chat interface is not activated. Developers can close and reopen the chat without compromising memory persistence. However, clicking the refresh button will result in a flush of the memory.
  • For integration users, ensure that state save and load is implemented in order for memory to be persistent across multiple sessions