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A character's Identity contains their name, pronouns, alternate names, age, and other additional details. These details are used by the AI when portraying the character, and help to better define who they are.

These fields are accessed by clicking on either the Pronouns, Alternate Names, or Age fields below the character's portrait.


The Identity interface contains nine fields: Name, Pronouns, External Description, Role, Stage of Life, Alternative Names, Hobbies and Interests, Wikipedia Link, and Tags.

Each of these fields are detailed in the sections below.



The name of the character. You can change the name of the character at any time using this field.

The character will respond to this name when addressed, and will treat themselves as having this name.

It is recommended you only include the character's first and/or last name, with no middle names or titles.

Real-World Figures

If the character is a real-world public or historical figure (ie: Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Carl Sagan), include their full name to ensure the AI makes the desired correlation. If their full name is not included, the AI may be ambiguous with their identity until further details are added.

Do not include a character’s profession (ie: Sally the Instructor, Gorlax the Destroyer) in their name, as this can cause duplication and confusion with the Role field.


The character's pronouns. These pronouns will be used within conversation by the character wherever they are relevant.

Choose from the three available pronouns: Male, Female, or Neutral and input all three possible pronoun descriptores for each, separated by a forward slash:

  • he / him / his
  • she / her / hers
  • they / them / theirs

If no pronouns suit the character, this field can be left blank.


The main title or vocation that embodies how the character fits into the world.

A character's Role can be something generic such as “Hero” or “Assistant.”

However, a more specific Role description such as “Medieval Warrior” or “Brand Ambassador for Company X” can help the AI produce a more specific result.

For example, entering “World War 2 Private” would give the character additional context that “soldier” would not.

Stage of Life

The general age of the character. A character's Stage of Life has an affect on their language, mannerisms, and level of maturity.

Use the drop-down menu to choose from the options provided.


When choosing a Stage of Life, consider how the character's age would impact their approach to life and dialogue. For example, a younger character might use different phrases or be more energetic than an elderly one.

Alternative Names

Additional names the character would associate with themselves.

Alternative Names can add more depth to a character, and may include a title such as "Madame President" or "Doctor Yates," a nickname such as "Egg" or "Chuckles," or a callsign such as "Maverick" or "Reaper."

If the player refers to the character by one of their Alternate Names, the character will recognize it. They may also introduce themselves by that name or inject it into a conversation.

Alternative Name Limit

A character may have a maximum of four (4) Alternative Names.

Hobbies and Interests

A short list of the character’s hobbies and interests that the character is likely to refer to during conversation.

Hobbies and Interests can be broad such as "helping solve users’ problems", or specific to the character’s motivations, such as "ambushing rival gangs."

Hobbies and Interests Limit

A character may have a maximum of ten (10) Hobbies and Interests.


The Wikipedia link phase is a legacy feature for linking real-world personalities that is no longer needed.

⚠️ Leave this field blank. ⚠️