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The Identity section is used to enter a character’s name, pronouns, and other details specific to them. Be creative! Your character can be anything from a virtual influencer to an angry ferret.


If you need to rename your character, this is the form field where you do it. We suggest only including a character's first and/or last name.

If they are already a public or historical figure (Albert Einstein), include their full name to ensure Inworld’s AI will make the correlation. Otherwise, they might be ambiguous until further details are added. Don’t include a character’s profession (Sally the Instructor) in their name. This can cause duplication and confusion with the actual Role field.


Choose from the three available options - she, he, they. This field can also be left blank if no pronouns suit your character.


This provides a framework for how the character interacts with the world around them. It can be something broad like “Hero” or “Assistant”. However, more specific archetypes or professions, like “Medieval Warrior” or “Brand Ambassador for Company X” will help to better inform Inworld’s AI. For example, entering “World War 2 Private” will give the character a context that a “soldier” wouldn’t have.

Stage of Life

Choose from the options provided. Consider how age will impact the character’s approach and dialogue. A younger character might use different phrases than an elderly one.

Alternative Names

These can be included to add more depth to a character. They may have a formal, professional title (Madame President) or a nickname shared amongst friends. If a user refers to the character by an alternate name, the character will recognize it. They might even introduce themselves by that name or inject it into the conversation (“My bowling buddies call me The Dude.”).

⚠️ Limit: You may enter up to four alternative names.

Hobbies and Interests

Include a short list of your character’s hobbies and interests. Your character may refer to these in conversation. They can be broad (ex. Helping solve users’ problems) or specific to the character’s motivations (ex. Ambushing rival gangs).

⚠️ Limit: You may enter up to ten hobbies or interests.


If your character is a famous/historical public figure or a popular fictional character, they might have a preexisting Wikipedia entry that additional information can be pulled from. This will be expanded to additional external knowledge sources in future updates.