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Common Knowledge


Common Knowledge defines any general information that is intended to be known by more than one character. For example, you can define world-building information that all characters should be aware of, or you can define knowledge that is only applied to a specific group of characters. For example: those who are aware that magic exists in the world and know how to use it.

Creating Common Knowledge

To create Common Knolwedge for your character, follow the steps below:

1. Create New

Navigate to the Common Knowledge tab in your workspace's sidebar and press Create New Common Knowledge.

2. Enter Name

You are then prompted to enter a Name for your Common Knowledge. For instance, "Greek Mythology."

3. Enter Common Knowledge Information

You are now ready to enter the character's Common Knowledge into the field provided. When entering this information, keep in mind the following:

Knowledge in Core Description

You can ensure that a character regularly surfaces Common Knowledge by cross-referencing it in their Core Description. For example, if you create a common knowledge of Greek Mythology, you can also reference in the character’s Core Description, Interests, etc that they are an expert in Greek Mythology.

Core Description

The Common Knowledge's Core Description should only be used for essential world-building information. This information should convey the necessary context that is critical for your character to stay in character. For best results, each character should only have one set of common knowledge with a core description.

Break Up Knowledge

Break up facts and knowledge into individual statements that you want to include in the Additional Facts and Information field.

You may include up to 1000 lines, with a maximum of 300 characters per line.