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Frequently Asked Questions

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Studio API Rate Limiting

Does Studio API rate limit the number of API requests?

Rate limiting is a technique to limit network traffic to prevent users from exhausting system resources. We employ rate limiting to all public design-time Studio APIs which is tied to your api key and workspace.

Each api key will be able to make requests to Studio APIs at a rate of 5 RPS (Requests Per Second). Any additional requests beyond this rate will be rejected.

Note: Please note that this is separate from your run-time session and concurrency and rate limits.

Studio API Key

Is there a different between the Studio API key and the Integration API Key?

Yes! The new Studio API uses a separate API key/secret set which is ONLY used for the Studio API requests. Only one Studio API key can exist for any account, and you cannot generate multiple Studio API keys. Studio API (and its key) should be used when you want to perform modifications such as updating Characters.

Integration API keys are associated with each workspace under each user account. Multiple Integration API keys can be created and used for the same workspace at any give time. Integration API keys are used for integrating with the runtime engine such as integrating AI characters into an environment through Simple API and the SDKs. Use this method when you want let others talk and interact with your characters.