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Quick start


Node 16 is recommended.

We provide both TypeScript and JavaScript versions of these Web examples.

If you are encountering issues with running the TypeScript scripts in your PowerShell or CMD, please refer to this.


Try to start with one the following examples:

  • Say Hello - Say "Hello" to your character.
  • Generate token Generate application token using API key/secret.
  • CLI examples Command line interface allows to chat and speak with your character.
  • Discord bot Create you own discord bot based on our Node.js SDK.
  • Upload local audio file Investigate how to send data from a local audio file to Inworld server.
  • Client side integration If you would like to integrate characters into the browser, just use the Web SDK. However, if it's necessary to proxy requests through your server, try using the provided example with express and ws.

Full examples can be found in the examples folder.

Setup variables for environment

Don't forget to setup environment variables before run provided examples, this can be found in the .env file within each example folder, or you can create your own.

INWORLD_KEYInworld application keyGet key from integrations page
INWORLD_SECRETInworld application secretGet secret from integrations page
INWORLD_SCENEFull scene nameIt should have one of the following format: workspaces/{WORKSPACE_NAME}/characters/{CHARACTER_NAME}workspaces/{WORKSPACE_NAME}/scenes/{SCENE_NAME}