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The Inworld Unity SDK version 3.3 is not compatible with previous versions. If you wish to upgrade, please delete the Assets/Inworld or Assets/Inworld.AI folder first.

Additionally, the APIs are not identical. for guidance on how to upgrade to the latest SDK:

If you are using version 2.X, please refer to this Upgrade Manual.

If you are using versions from 3.0 to 3.2, please refer to this Upgrade Manual.

Unity Version

The minimum supported Unity version is 2020.3.48f1. Any version below that may not be compatible.

However, if you are using MacOS and want to build MacOS applications, there is a known bug for Unity. Please upgrade to 2022.3.10f1 or newer.

What's New

From Inworld Unity SDK v3.3, we will cease support for the NDK. Going forward, our focus will shift exclusively to the Websocket client.

We have observed that while the NDK offers a noticeable advantage in terms of package size, the performance speed between Websocket and NDK is comparable. However, the user base for Websocket significantly exceeds that of the NDK. Considering the substantial effort required to maintain both systems with future updates, we have decided to deprecate the NDK client.

From Inworld Unity SDK v3.2. we offered two different Unity SDK versions: full package InworldAI.Full and core package inworld-unity-core. We have separated the various modules using Unity's Assembly Definitions.

inworld-unity-core supports lightweight projects with a significantly smaller download size (less than 1 megabyte). It does not include any character models from ReadyPlayerMe or Inworld avatars, which is suitable for developers with capabilities to import their own character skeletons and animations in Unity. Ideal for WebGL deployments or projects where package size is a consideration.

⚠️ Note: inworld-unity-core is provided as a Package, catering to core functionalities, whereas InworldAI.Full, offered as a Unitypackage, encompasses the entire suite of features and assets, and includes a reference to inworld-unity-core for foundational capabilities.


Detailed compatibility for each platform is listed below:

PlatformInworld v3Inworld v1Inworld v2
Windows Minimum Version2020.3.48f12019.42021.3
Mac Intel 64-bit2022.3.10f12022.3.10f12022.3.10f1
Mac Apple Silicon2022.3.10f12022.3.10f12022.3.10f1

Rendering Pipeline

While the default Inworld avatar in the demo works with the Built-in pipeline, all our characters (Ready Player Me or Innequin) created through are compatible with all rendering pipelines.

Input System

Our Inworld Player Controller is currently not compatible with Unity's Input System by default. Support for this is planned for the future.


Unity cannot proceed Android build by 2021.3.6f1 is a known bug for Unity. To resolve this, copy the whole Tools folder from the previous Unity version. Check this page for more details.


Network permission

Our SDK requires an internet connection to function properly. If you are developing for XR, please ensure that you set the Internet Access option to Require in the Player Settings. xrnetwork

Mac/iOS/Vision Pro

Microphone Usage Description

If you want to build an app for an Apple device, please fill in Microphone Usage Description under Project Settings > Player > iOS > Other Settings > Configuration.

Also, for the default iOS app, the sound only comes out of the earpiece and may be relatively quiet. To output sound from the loudspeaker, you need to set Force IOS Speakers When Recording as well.