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The Playground is a great way to get started with Inworld SDK for Unity. The project aims to serve as a frequently updated demo project to show off new Inworld features as they release.

Playground Showcase



Create a new Unity project and import the Playground Demo Unity package. Then select and run the Setup scene located at: InworldPlayground/Scenes/Setup.unity and follow the instructions.


⚠️ Warning: Do not rename the Unity package file (InworldAI.Playground.unitypackage) or the auto-import process will fail.

If you import the Playground Demo through the Unity package from the Release all the required packages will be installed and settings will be updated for you.

In case something goes wrong during the install process, here are the required dependencies and settings:

Required Components



Build Settings

Add all the scenes within InworldPlayground/Scenes/ to the Build Settings. Scenes listed below:

  • Setup
  • Playground
  • Animations
  • Avatars

Common Issues

Upon installing the Playground Demo package you may come across multiple errors similar to the one below:

Problem detected while importing the Prefab file: 'Assets/InworldPlayground/Prefabs/Characters/gesture_george_inworld-playground.prefab'.
The file might be corrupt or have a missing Variant parent or nested Prefabs. See details below.
Nested Prefab problem. Missing Nested Prefab Asset: 'Armature (Missing Prefab with guid: 026a1ca2deceb73438540c38371b4dcb)'

These can be safely ignored, as the issue will be fixed once the Unity glTFast package is installed.


  • Movement: 'WASD' & 'Mouse'
  • Select: 'Left Mouse Click'
  • Open Chat Panel: '~'
  • Settings: 'Esc'
  • Push-to-Talk Key (if enabled): 'C'