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Global Assets


These global assets are stored as ScriptableObjects, saved in Assets/Inworld.AI/Resources/GlobalSettings. They are editable, but do not move or delete them.

InworldAIThe master data object for storing settings. It can be visited by right-clicking and selecting Inworld Setting Panel in the Project tab, or at Inworld > Setting Panel in the TopMenu.
GameSettingsThis is the data object for storing current data, e.g., current workspace, current scene, or current key.
DefaultSettingsThe default setting class for the path containing default assets or references. You can also visit it at Edit > Preferences > Inworld.AI
InworldUserThe class for storing user data. For public use, it supports changing userName and companyUid. It also stores references for locally downloaded assets.
InworldUISettingsThis scriptable object stores all the uxml that is used in the display Inworld Studio Panel.