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API References

As of Inworld Unity SDK version 3.0, we have divided the Unity package into multiple distinct modules, each of which is separately built as an Assembly Definition(asmdef). This change provides several benefits, including improved modularity, enhanced code organization, and easier maintenance.

Inworld.AI: This package is available in the form of a Package instead of a Unitypackage. It facilitates all direct interactions with the Inworld Server, such as the sending and receiving of text, audio, Triggers, etc.

InworldAI.Assets: This module contains a test Audio input scene, as well as shared assets used across different modules, such as fonts, logos, 3D models, 2D textures, and various animation-related scriptable objects.

Inworld.Editor: This module is related to Unity Editor extension features.

Inworld.RPM: This module is designed for legacy version 2 content and Inworld integration with 3D Ready Player Me avatars.

Inworld.Innequin: This module provides integration with the new Inworld Innequin 3D model.