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Scriptable Objects

The following table is a summary of the data that is stored as a ScriptableObject. Some of them can be generated by the user, or can be generated and transferred via our internal logic.

Inworld.AIInworldReadmeThis serves as the Readme for each module, providing details on the requirements and functionality of each module.
InworldUserSettingsCustomized user settings generated based on Inworld user data through the Inworld Studio Panel.
UserDataInworldGameDataThis data pertains to Inworld scenes and can only be generated through the Inworld Studio Panel. It includes all data related to the InworldScene, such as InworldScene's all the InworldCharacterData, InworldKeySecrets, Capabilities, and more.
Inworld.AssetsEmotionMapThis data is used to process emotion events from the Inworld server into face, body, and emote animations for InworldCharacter
LipsyncMapThis ScriptableObject is used to process phoneme information from the Inworld server for performing lip sync on Inworld characters.
InworldFacialEmotionThis ScriptableObject is used to translate emotion events from the Inworld server into the blendshape transition destinations for InworldCharacter3D.
Inworld.InnequinFaceTransformDataThis ScriptableObject is used to manage facial sprite animations for Inworld Innequin Characters.